Geriatric Pet Care

Older pets can need more care than younger ones, simply because the risk of illness and injury is higher. If you have a cherished old pet that's starting to need more help and support, and you're in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA, area, Baseline Animal Hospital, Boarding, & Grooming is here to help. We understand geriatric pets, and how important it is to give your pets extra love and care as they move into their advanced years. Keeping them healthy for as long as possible is our goal.


How Does Geriatric Pet Care Help?

When you have a veterinarian who understands geriatric pets, you can have a lot more peace of mind as your pets age. Since animals may have more health challenges in later years, you need a vet who knows what to look out for. Sometimes it's not obvious that your pets have heath problems until they become severe. With that in mind, you want to search for a vet near you who is committed to looking out for older pets and the extra care they're going to need.

What Kind of Care Does an Old Pet Need?

An old pet needs the same type of basic care as a younger one, but you also need to look out for additional medical problems that can occur as pets age. That can include serious issues like cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease, or heart problems. There can also be mobility concerns like arthritis, and your pets may also get injured more easily. They often can't run and play like they used to, and will want to sleep and be close to you more often, for the comfort they get from it.

Can an Animal Hospital Help with Geriatric Pets?

As you search online for a veterinarian, look for an animal hospital that specifically addresses geriatric pets. We want to work with pets that are both old and young, and we know that there's a difference between the two when it comes to the care that's best for them. Older pets should come in for checkups more often, so we can catch any issues our veterinarian can treat before they come more serious. Your older pet's quality of life is important to us.

Where Can I Find a Vet Near Me?

If you're in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA, area and are looking for a veterinarian near you, you don't have to search any longer. Contact us at Baseline Animal Hospital, Boarding, & Grooming today for the support and information your aging pets need. We're here to help them have the best possible life.


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