Pet Boarding

When you need "boarding” for your fur-friend, Baseline Animal Hospital in Alta Loma, CA, should be your first choice. Our professional team offers exceptional care to pets, and they are often the only “vet near me” that provides pet boarding services. Pet boarding comes in all types, sizes, lengths of stay, and prices. 

pet boarding

Veterinary Offices

Veterinary offices have boarding options for pets with special needs, disabled, or recovering from surgery. These pets should receive extra attention and care. A veterinarian will always be available to care for your animal.

Pet Boarding Tips

Pet boarding can be a great option when you need to travel and can't bring your furry friend. To ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for your pet while they're staying at a boarding facility, here are some helpful tips:

  • Do your research and due diligence well ahead of your trip.
  • Ask about boarding rates and hidden fees or other charges.
  • Give your contact information and emergency contact information to everyone who needs it.
  • Understand the check-in and check-out times.
  • Ask about receiving a detailed report upon check-out.
  • Take a test run with your pet at daycare to see how it goes.

Contact Baseline Animal Hospital for Safe Pet Boarding

Whether you are searching for a “vet near me” or a “veterinarian near me,” Baseline Animal Hospital in Alta Loma, CA, has the technologies and treatments customized for your pet. We strive to give only the best veterinarian care. Call us at (909) 987-4788 or complete our online appointment request form. We are here to serve you.

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